Desert Wonder Tours: Keeping You Safe in the Era of Covid-19

The year 2020 will likely go down in history as one of the most challenging for small businesses and average workers in history. Tour industries are impacted especially hard due to restrictions on general travel, international flights, and group sizes.  Desert Wonder Tours responded to cancellations ranging from one day in advance of the planned adventure to the end of summer, by researching & purchasing safety solutions that would allow the small tour business to safely return to providing the mostly small groups that are attracted to DWT adventures.

Desert Wonder Tours founder and owner, Robert (Bob) Walton, came up with impressive ideas and solid solutions to face the challenge head-on as soon as conditions allowed tours to resume.  To start, a forehead thermometer screens guests who may have a fever, often an initial symptom of COVID-19. Guests then enter the Desert Wonder Tours vehicle which is fogged with disinfectant prior to each tour experience. Masks and hand sanitizer are provided to those who do not have their own PPEs. Social distancing is encouraged at all stops, and extra attention is given to the choosing of tours that will limit guests to long lines or crowded conditions.

Desert Wonder Tours is a company that has a passion for providing unique tours in Northwest Arizona, a region treasured by the company’s founder who enjoys sharing his knowledge and appreciation with people from all areas of the globe. Desert Wonder Tours has an advantage over larger commercial tour companies due to hosting much smaller groups and for shorter periods of time. Couple that with the commitment to safety first and it is likely that Bob will be able to share his passion with global citizens for years to come.

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