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Laughlin Nevada

Escaping the Laughlin Desert Heat with Desert Wonder Tours

Laughlin, Nevada, is a gem nestled along the Colorado River, known for its vibrant casino life, water recreation, and, of course, the scorching desert heat. While the sizzling temperatures might deter some, the allure of adventure calls to those seeking to explore the natural beauty and excitement the region has to offer. Desert Wonder Tours…

Desert Wonder Tours: Bridges of Connection in Laughlin, Nevada

Robert Walton, Laughlin, Nevada and Desert Wonder Tours; A Historical Connection. A Bridge of Opportunity The connection between Robert Walton, Desert Wonder Tours, and Laughlin, NV, runs deep. Robert Walton has a long history with Laughlin, Nevada. Robert became a valued employee of Don Laughlin’s Riverside in 1983 at the young age of 23. He…