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Vacation &Amp;Travel Without Renting A Car

Desert Wonder Tours Van in Laughlin NV

Can’t Find a Car to Rent at Your Vacation Destination?

A Clever Solution that Will Save You Money!

Desert Wonder Tours van

 Carpocalypse – the biggest rental car shortage in rental car history

As pandemic lockdowns and restrictions ease, Americans and other travelers are chomping at the bit to travel, vacation, mingle and experience new or favorite things. But the pandemic had more far-reaching consequences than could be predicted creating barriers to even the most simplistic of vacation plans. Laughlin Getaways Tours has a solution!

 Take a trip and never rent a car!

Why are Vehicle Rental Prices So High? 

Shortages due to the pandemic and other factors have led to an explosion in car rental prices. Main reasons for the shortages include increased demand as things open up, but also such factors as fewer new cars being built due to a shortage in semiconductor chips. Car rental companies generally re-fleet their inventory with new cars each year, but due to travel restrictions during the pandemic, this was often not done.

Renting a vehicle in 2021 could cost you as much as 10 times what it would have cost last year. Experts are recommending that travelers book their vehicle rental far in advance ahead of their airline tickets. In some cases, the car rental will cost more than the airline tickets. Factoring in higher gasoline prices and your modest getaway could end up costing you far more than your budget allows.

an aerial view of a city

Vacation without Renting a Car!

If your vacation includes a hotel stay, you may have more get-around options than you realize without renting a car, calling a taxi or using a Rideshare. For example, Laughlin Getaway Tours, a sister company of Desert Wonder Tours, provides pickup and return transportation to travelers from the McCarren airport in Las Vegas as part of a package that includes a 2-night stay at the beautiful Golden Nugget Hotel Resort or Riverside Resort & Casino in Laughlin, Nevada.

Laughlin, Nevada, Colorado River, Golden Nugget Hotel & CasinoColorado River Laughlin Nevada







Laughlin at Night


Laughlin, NV is a jewel in the desert located on the Colorado River downstream from the Hoover Dam. Laughlin offers gorgeous views, high quality restaurants, entertainment, unique shopping opportunities, luxurious rooms, pools, and a plethora of gambling options. Laughlin is often favored over Las Vegas as a more relaxed, more personable experience with lovely riverside views and beaches.

To enhance the car-rental-free vacation experience further, the guest will have the choice of 6 exciting short tour options which includes pick up at the Golden Nugget, lunch, and return to the hotel. When you are ready to return to the airport, or if you would like to relocate to a different hotel in Las Vegas for the duration of your vacation, Laughlin Getaway tours will chauffeur you in one of our comfortable vans at no additional cost.

See Our Exciting Tour Options Here: 

Travel between Casinos on the Riverwalk

Laughlin River Walka bridge over a body of water

Laughlin Riverwalk

Explore 7 of the 9 Laughlin Strip casinos on the 1.25 mile Riverwalk: Don Laughlin’s Riverside Resort Hotel & CasinoThe Aquarius Casino ResortEdgewater Casino ResortColorado Belle Casino Resort , [currently closed] Pioneer Hotel & Gambling HallGolden Nugget Laughlin, and the Laughlin River Lodge.

Laughlin River TaxiLaughlin Water taxi

Laughlin Water Taxis 

For a fun, unique way to go between hotels in Laughlin experience the River Passage Water Taxi Ticket and Information Counter is located on the lower level of the Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino next to Starbucks.

Water taxis are an inexpensive and convenient way to zip up and down the river to all the casino options. 

Plan your vacation today with Laughlin Getaway Tours and you will get:
Transportation to Laughlin, NV from Las Vegas airport or casino.

  • A King or 2 Queen Beds at the beautiful Golden Nugget or Riverside Resort Hotel/Casino in Laughlin
  • One of 6 short tour experiences that include lunch (to & from Golden Nugget)
  • Free/inexpensive ways to get around in Laughlin without a rental car. 
  • Transportation back Las Vegas airport or casino. 

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