Desert Wonder Tours & Trips is an exciting touring service for Northwest Arizona.

Desert Wonder Tours & Trips was founded to provide specially designed commercial short tours & trips in the Mohave Desert area.
Desert Wonder Tours and Trips offer 1-4-hour specialty tours that are either pre-trip or step-on historian narrated or contain a guided tour at the end destination. Tours are offered year-round to historical locations, natural wonders, and cultural museums.

Trips are customized excursions to local attractions, events and destinations that do not require a historian or guided tour.

A primary mission of Desert Wonder Tours and Trips is to support regional desert cleanup and restoration. With over 40 years living in Northwest Arizona and ancestral roots dating back to the late 1800’s, we take special pride in showing you the spectacular sites and adventures to be had in our part of the world!

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Contact us for more info

✷ Historic Route 66

✷ Hiking/Biking Trails

✷ Grand Canyon Experiences

✷ Wineries/Breweries/Distillery

✷ Grand Canyon Caverns

✷ Laughlin/Las Vegas

✷ Wildlife Parks

✷ Restaurants/Boutique Shopping

✷ Horseback Riding

✷ Scuba Diving (DiveShack USA)

✷ Hoover Dam/Rafting Experiences

✷ Paranormal Historic Western Towns

✷ Scenic Desert Views Gunfights-Western Style

✷ Joshua Tree Forest

✷ Cultural/Art

✷ London Bridge

✷ English Village

✷ Railroad Experiences

✷ Museums

✷ Casinos Entertainment



Historic Chloride

This 4-hour package includes a comfortable, scenic roundtrip transport to the oldest continuously inhabited mining town in AZ.

This 20-minute scenic trip will take you over a century back in time to the oldest continuously occupied miner’s towns in Arizona. See a Wild West shootout (on Saturdays), stroll back in time at the Him Fritz Museum which has preserved the daily artifacts and authentic original home of a western mine owner. Other miner’s houses from the same era have been filled with artifacts and antiquated items sure to excite your treasure hunter spirit. Have lunch at Yesterday’s restaurant, the original Livery stable in this immortalized town where everyone is friendly, full of colorful stories about Chloride.

Depart/Return from Kingman (Contact us for list of updated locations.)

Call or email for more information and customized packages.



Grand Canyon Caverns

This adventure begins on Route 66 in Kingman, Arizona! Enjoy scenic Route 66 through the Historic towns of Hackberry and Truxton before arriving at the Cavern entrance (approx. one hour.) Explore the innumerable souvenir
treasures in the Mercantile Gift Store before beginning your hour-long Cavern tour adventure. Afterwards, enjoy a leisurely dinner at the Cavern’s Grill before departure, arriving back in Kingman at about mid evening.

Call or email for more information and customized packages.

*Cavern Tour & Meals/drinks not included.



Oatman, AZ

This adventure begins on Route 66 in Kingman, Arizona. Enjoy the desert beauty with winding roads that lead to an authentic mining town nestled in the Black Mountains less than an hour’s drive from Kingman. Explore the many shops along main street and take pictures of the wild burros that roam the ghost town. You’ll feel like you have stepped back over a hundred years when you dine at one of the local restaurants where little has changed other than added modern conveniences since the late 1800’s.

Depart/Return from Kingman (Contact us for list of updated locations.)

Call or email for more information and customized packages.


This adventure begins on Route 66 in Kingman. Enjoy scenic Route 66 through the Historic towns of Hackberry and Truxton before arriving at the Cavern entrance (approx. one hour.) Explore the innumerable souvenir treasures in the Mercantile Gift Store before beginning your hour-long Cavern tour adventure. Afterwards, enjoy a leisurely LUNCH at the Cavern’s Grill before departure. Next stop will be Northwest Arizona’s finest Desert Wonder wineries, the Stetson Winery. Spend two-three hours enjoying the amazing ambience, and taste up to four different wines for $5.00. After you choose your favorite wine, get $5 off the bottle of your choice to take with you.

Depart/Return from Kingman (Contact us for list of updated locations.)

Depart/Return from Kingman (Contact us for list of updated locations.)

Call or email for more information and customized packages.

*Caverns Tour, Meals/drinks not included



Take a break from the heat and head to the high country for a wildlife adventure! Located about 2 hours out of Kingman via Route 66, Bearizona Wildlife Park offers a drive-thru experience starring bear, wildcat, wolves, mountain sheep, buffalo and much more. Adventures will leave Kingman at 8 a.m. be chauffeured on scenic Route 66 while sipping a favorite beverage (alcohol welcome), stop for a comfort break in historic Seligman, and arrive at Bearizona at about 10 am. Following the drive-thru, guest will have lunch at the park’s themed restaurant, and then be treated to a fascinating and educational aviary show where birds of prey preen and pose and fly through the audience. 

Call or email for more information and customized packages.




Kingman, Arizona’s Ecofriendly Adventures
Our passion is wandering, roaming and touring! Our guides have designed customized Desert Wonder Wanderings to appeal to your personal tastes from mountain top to deep cavern coolness. Whatever your Gypsy spirit craves, be it drinking in local culture, gorgeous desert scenery, hiking or experiencing historical sites, we have a trip for you. Hassle-free packages tailored for the perfect short tour addition to your traveling itinerary is a click or phone call away.
Custom tours available

Are you a tour operator?

We can design a tour or trip around your needs.  We work closely with local businesses to make your experience of our area spectacular.


About the founder of Desert Wonder Tours, Robert “tvbob” Walton
Robert Walton, is a native of Kingman, Arizona, born to William Wendell Walton and Dorothy Francis Riggs in Fort Dix, New Jersey where his father was stationed at the time. Dorothy, a resident of Queens, NY, and William met and married while William served in the armed forces during the Korean war. Upon military retirement, William returned to his hometown of Kingman to the home that his father, William Woods Walton, a mason, carpenter and miner, had built for his bride, Clara Elizabeth Aitkens. Clara was a Daughter of the Mohave County Pioneers and exceedingly active in the community. Clara’s father, William Aitken, built the first St. Johns Methodist church in Kingman. The Walton home that still stands in Kingman was built from a Sears & Roebuck kit that William ordered from back east and had delivered via the railroad. He assembled the home, completing it in 1912.

Robert’s mother, Dorothy, helped to care for Clara in her later years and caretook the family home in West Kingman until her death in 1998. Robert, the youngest of 4 children, was raised in Kingman and attended Lee Williams High School in downtown Kingman.

Bob’s heritage goes back to the late 1800’s near the time of founding of Kingman. His great-great-great Grandfather on the side of his grandmother, (Clara Aitken Walton), was John Cofer who homesteaded 160 acres in what is now part of old town Kingman. John dug the first well in Kingman, by hand. The story goes that his neighbors would jeer and laugh at the determined John for “trying to find water in the desert”, but he paid them no mind and after digging 75 feet down through Mohave desert sand and rock, his determination paid off.

Robert is known to his friends as “TvBob” because of his work for Gannet’s KMOH TV6 a few years back. As a common name it was sometimes necessary to distinguish which Bob was being spoken about. The name TvBob stuck. If you ask his friends, Bob’s sense of humor is his most notable quality. He has a ready smile and quick wit that draws people to him and makes them happy.

As a youngster, Robert grew up exploring hills and peaks on his pony, Apache. Later his tastes ran more to dirt bikes where he would recount adventures to his 3 older siblings while exploring the desert and mountains around Kingman, sometimes getting lost in his explorations but ultimately finding his way home having discovered some new trail. The desert was a place of wonder for the young Robert, a thing that has not changed with the passing years.
Many years have passed since those less complicated days, and Bob has remained an active part in his community. He has served as Treasurer and on the board for the Mohave County Fairgrounds Association, served as Men’s Auxiliary president for a local VFW in honor of his father’s service in 2 foreign wars, a member of Kingman Tourist Commission, and is currently a Posse Member with the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office.

Bob started Desert Wonder Tours in the summer of 2017 and launched it in the Fall, November 11th, Veterans Day. His vision is to share his appreciation of the desert and the attractions that have grown here with visitors around the world. He also enjoys providing locals with outings that encourage socializing and simply enjoying the nearby destinations that they might not visit on their own.
Bob’s love of the desert compels him to support desert clean up and restoration efforts throughout the county. Desert Wonder Tours has committed to donating a percentage of its profits to support organizations who help to protect and restore desert environments.

Bob’s humor and love of the area makes him the ideal guide to explore Northwest Arizona. As he is fond of saying, “It’s not the trip, it’s the experience!”


Local Author, Historian and Tour Guide
Jim Hinckley is an internationally acclaimed author, lecturer, historian, tour guide, and tour development consultant with three primary areas of expertise; Route 66, the American southwest and the American automobile industry between 1885 and 1980. His portfolio of published work includes fifteen books, and more than five hundred feature articles for a wide array of publications including True West, Old Cars Weekly, Hemmings Classic Car, Route 66, Antique Power, and Cars & Parts magazine.

His work has been the subject of interviews on television and radio programs, for blogs and podcasts, and for a variety of print media. Among the most prestigious of these are Jay Leno’s Garage, Rudy Maxa’s Travel World, and Frommer’s.

Audiences and venues for his presentations have been equally as diverse. In 2015 he was a featured speaker at Vakantiebeurs (a tourism fair) in Utrecht Netherlands, at a fund raiser for the Route 66 Association of Kingman, at Route 66 State Park, at the Miles of Possibilities Conference in Edwardsville, Illinois, and for tour companies from Australia, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Norway, and Germany. In 2016, Hinckley spoke at the European Route 66 Festival in Germany, a Route 66 festival in Holbrook, Arizona, the Miles of Possibilities Conference, at the Missouri History Museum, and at the 90th anniversary of Route 66 celebration in Los Angeles.

His blog, Jim Hinckley’s America – Route 66 Chronicles, as well as Jim Hinckley’s America podcast, YouTube channel, and Facebook live program has developed a loyal international following. Hinckley also provides content, photographic and text, for corporate websites, blogs, advertisements, marketing campaigns, and event or festival promotion.

Jim Hinckley on Linkedin – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jameshinckley

Jim Hinckley’s Route 66 Chronicles – http://jimhinckleysamerica.com/

Jim Hinckley on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/jimhinckley/

Jim Hinckley on Twitter – https://twitter.com/jimahinckley

Jim Hinckley on Facebook –https://www.facebook.com/Jim-Hinckleys-America-107850452572061/

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