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Grand Canyon: Best, Easiest Ways To Visit The Grand Canyon

a body of water with Grand Canyon Skywalk in the background

  Easiest Way to See the Grand Canyon.

 Arizona’s Grand Canyon, its grandeur, timeless natural beauty and mind-blowing heights and hues, is one of the world’s most visited tourist sites. Various ways exist to experience this world wonder. Here we reveal some of the lesser known, best ways to have the fullest experience.

Adventurers to the Grand Canyon have various options when it comes to transportation to and from the Canyon, many of which can be found here. However, if you seek the best way to see the Grand Canyon, with the least hassle, and most personable experience possible, one option to explore as you search for the ultimate Grand Canyon experience. Book your tour with Desert Wonder Tours to see the Grand Canyon Skywalk and all the attractions listed below.

Whether you are in Las Vegas, Nevada, seeking a Las Vegas to Grand Canyon tour, or in Laughlin, Nevada seeking a Laughlin to Grand Canyon tour, Desert Wonder Tours will make sure your adventure is exception, comfortable and exciting!

Grand Canyon West

The Grand Canyon can be visited at three (3) primary regions: The North Rim, The South Rim, and Grand Canyon West. The latter is the home of the world renown Skywalk, a horseshoe-shaped glass cantilever bridge where the bottom of the canyon is 4000 feet below. The Colorado river is seen snaking through the Canyon, but there are many other reasons to view this part of the Grand Canyon. Seeing native wildlife, species of birds, reptiles and plants up close are both an educational and fulfilling experience.

  1. Three Majestic Vantage Points

The popular Skywalk view of the canyon, which is located at Eagle Point, a formation resembling a giant stone eagle. This part of the Canyon is a high elevation plateau surrounded by the canyon on three sides, each with its own exceptional panorama. Transportation is provided by shuttle to a second popular stop at Grand Canyon West: Guano Point.




  1. Educational Programs

Grand Canyon West is owned and operated by the Hualapai Indian Nation, a rich culture who has occupied the Canyon for thousands of years.


Eagle Point offers a walking tour through an authentic Native American Village an amphitheater with Native American dance performances throughout the day, and a Native American Museum containing artifacts and a plethora of interesting facts and information on the history of the tribes(s). Prominent researchers say the Canyon can be dated before 1200 BCE, way before the emergence of the culture of Native Americans who lived there. Indeed, many ancient cultures  emerged from and passed through this majestic canyon.  Authentic Native handcrafted jewelry is on display for purchase at Eagle Point as well.

Native American Sweat Lodge, Grand Canyon West








Guano Point offers numerous hiking trails offering historical and geological information about the Canyon and a breathtaking panoramic view of the Grand Canyon and Colorado river. Visitors can view the remnants of a historical tram that extended 8,800 ft. across the Canyon to a Guano mine built in the 1920’s. Beautiful Native jewelry and crafts are available at this part of the canyon with opportunities to interact with Tribal members offering the crafts.


 Singing Cowboy- Grand Canyon Western Ranch

You are sure to work up a healthy appetite hiking the paths along the Grand Canyon. Be serenaded by the Singing Cowboy at the Grand Canyon West Ranch restaurant where lunch is provided to Desert Wonder Tours guests!

Desert Wonder Tours will pick you up at your location in Laughlin, Nevada, Las Vegas, NV, Lake Havasu City or Kingman, AZ, and return you to your hotel. The Grand Canyon Trip is the most affordable, customized tour available to see Grand Canyon West Rim. A must-see experience in Northwest Arizona! Desert Wonder Tours has 5 Star Reviews and testimonials! Seating is limited, so book your reservation now for available dates.