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Desert Wonder Tours: Bridges Of Connection In Laughlin, Nevada

Riverside Hotel and Casino Director of Marketing

Robert Walton, Laughlin, Nevada and Desert Wonder Tours; A Historical Connection.

A Bridge of Opportunity

The connection between Robert Walton, Desert Wonder Tours, and Laughlin, NV, runs deep. Robert Walton has a long history with Laughlin, Nevada. Robert became a valued employee of Don Laughlin’s Riverside in 1983 at the young age of 23. He was soon promoted to Director of Marketing where he played an important part in bringing about the building of the Laughlin Bridge. This bridge connects Arizona to Laughlin, Nevada, a now booming casino town along the Colorado River.  When Robert started Desert Wonder Tours and sister tour company, Laughlin Scenic tours, he recognized the untapped potential for showcasing the natural beauty and adventure opportunities that characterize the Laughlin area. Robert built another bridge connecting his Desert Wonder Tours company to Laughlin, Nevada.

Desert Wonder Tours, under Robert’s guidance, serves as a bridge between the thrill of casino entertainment and the tranquility of the Nevada desert. Visitors can now seamlessly transition from the lively atmosphere of Riverside Resort and Casino to the awe-inspiring landscapes surrounding Laughlin.

The Desert Wonder Experience:

Desert Wonder Tours provides a range of meticulously crafted experiences, from guided desert hikes to scenic river cruises. Tourists can escape the buzz of the casino floor and embark on journeys that reveal the pristine beauty of the Mojave Desert. As a local entrepreneur, Robert Walton ensures that each tour is not just an adventure but an opportunity to connect with the soul of Laughlin.

Community Impact:

Robert’s transition from marketing maven to tour guide extraordinaire has also brought positive changes to the local community. Desert Wonder Tours actively engages with local businesses, supporting them and fostering a sense of community pride. The tours not only entertain but also educate, showcasing the ecological importance and historical significance of the region.


In the ever-evolving landscape of Laughlin, Robert Walton’s journey from the bustling world of casino marketing to the tranquil expanses of the desert epitomizes the spirit of entrepreneurship. Desert Wonder Tours has become a testament to the seamless connection between the excitement of entertainment at Riverside Resort and the serenity found in the desert’s wonders. As visitors embark on these unforgettable journeys, they not only experience the best of both worlds but also become a part of the evolving narrative of Laughlin, NV.


Laughlin River Bridge Parade Float