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Jewel In The Northwest Desert

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When traveling in Arizona, there’s a jewel in the Northwest desert that isn’t well known – Desert Wonder Tours, a touring business exploring Arizona year-round.

The owner of Desert Wonder Tours, Robert “Bob” Walton, is a Mohave County native with generational heritage in Kingman. Bob’s maternal 6x great-grandfather dug the first well in Kingman. His great grandfather built one of the first churches in Kingman. Bob attended the local Kingman High School before moving to New Jersey, then returned to Kingman in 1995 to take care of his aging parents. After the passing of his parents, Bob decided to make Kingman his home due to his love of the desert he once explored on his pony, Apache, and the unique history of the area. Bob enjoys sharing the amazing beauty and treasures to be found in the area to travelers who have no idea such amazing and exciting places exist. Bob has a unique gift of knowledge and a sense of humor that visitors from all cultures appreciate.

Desert Wonder Tours is a 5-star rated (TripAdvisor) company that offers short trips (1-4 hours) year-round, with several exciting options for each season. During the Summer season, Bob knows just where to head to escape the worst of the desert heat. From the nearby Colorado River for water sports, Oatman, to the scenic, cool Hualapai Mountains for a picnic lunch or dinner.  For an equally adventurous tour join Desert Wonder tours on a trip to Keepers of the Wild, Bearizona for a Wildlife sanctuary or a Route 66 experience. The Desert Wonder van is on the go with happy travelers who are sure to appreciate the air conditioning and panoramic view on their way to their next adventure. Some might prefer the cool, 210 feet deep caves of the Grand Canyon Caverns, another uncrowded wonder of the desert where one can eat beneath the ground (Grotto) where the temperature stays the same year-round. Or perhaps a unique Wine and Distillery tour that includes wine tasting, hors d’oeuvres and local talent entertainment sounds for the perfect outing (and no worries about partaking and driving-Desert Wonder Van is (limousine certified!).

Springtime finds the Desert Wonder van exploring old, authentic Western towns, bumping along on working ranch roads to take guests for a thrilling horseback ride across the desert or delivering guests from around the world to the famous Grand Canyon West for more adventures.

To view our adventure packages, go to or call 928-716-2046 Arizona or 702-949-2949 in Nevada. Our motto is; “it’s not the tour, it’s the EXPERIENCE!

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