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Meet Robert Walton Of Desert Wonder Tours

a truck is parked in front of a mountain
October 2019

Thanks for sharing your story with us Robert. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.

About 1 975, my Sales career began with selling Kirby Vacuums door to door. This sales training led me to obtain marketing positions in radio advertising eventually leading to Director of Marketing at the Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino in Laughlin, Nevada, to Territory Manager for KMOH TV6 (GANNEIT), Sales Manager at LaQuinta Inns & Suites and General Manager at Kingman RAMADA Hotel. Raised in Kingman, during the latter part of my career, I came to realize that Kingman is a “gateway’/ to many surrounding tourist destinations with many scenic and Historic natural wonders. So often these attractions are overlooked by those touring with larger Tour companies or tourists that travel through our area. Being in the Hospitality business, and raised in the Kingman area with an ancestral lineage dating back to the 1 800’s and family artifacts in the Mohave County Museum of History & Arts, I know that there are many adventurers who would appreciate the opportunity to have a knowledgeable company that can guide them in Northwest Arizona and its many wonders. In addition, safety first has always been number one in our policy. I am a former Firefighter, EMT and currently volunteer with the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Posse.


Our tours have a full spectrum from safety to experience. I am an entrepreneur at heart and strive to build upon opportunities that are not readily obviouS. I began Desert Wonder Tours on a shoestring and lots of debt, but I made the plunge, offering customized and unique 1 -4-hour tours/trips to some of the most uniquely beautiful and Historically significant destinations in the Southwest. Desert Wonder Tours was established in

June of 2017 and we purchased our first van in October. The actual launch of Desert Wonder Tours wasn’t till November 1 1 th, 201 7 (Veterans Day). My father was a 22-year Army Veteran (born in Kingman) and I chose that day to launch in honor of him. The first year (201 8) was a struggle, however, 2019 is taking off. Within four months we surpassed last year’s sales and still have remaining months.

Has it been a smooth road?

The struggles have been, for the most part, two-fold. First, is with the financial side as with other entrepreneurial endeavors. Few businesses begin to make a profit in the first several years and Desert Wonder Tours is no exception. Lacking operating capital has limited our growth to date, however, my knowledge of sales and marketing, along with building a solid reputation and excellent service (TripAdvisor/Google) has significantly improved our sales results for 201 9 surpassing last years figures in four months. The other struggle has been navigating the incredible red tape ridden requirements of State and Federal Government regulations. Desert Wonder Tours offers a smooth road to our guests through sweat equity. This makes the SUCCeSS all the sweeter for those vested in the spirit of entrepreneurship.

We’d love to hear more about your business.

Desert Wonder Tours name is designed for expansion. We’re about fun, exploring, safety, education and memories. Our motto is “it’s not the tour, i ‘s the EXPERIENCE! Our growth objective is to develop Desert Wonder Tours model in various cities. The desert regions have many opportunities for growth and tourist attractions. Our experience and expertise are a more personable, safe and fun experience instead of tight deadlines and that feeling of being harried and herded that comes with so many of the larger tour companies.

From desert wine-tasting to river rafting, there is a tour for a plethora of interests. Want to tour Hoover Dam downstream stopping to wade in hot springs and spot mountain goats on majestic canyon walls? Prefer to experience a Western shoot-out in Old Western Town and have lunch on the river? Maybe travel Route 66 minutes down to trek 200 feet underground in the Grand Canyon Labyrinth where the ambient temperature is a cool 68F year-round is more your cup of tea. Or maybe you prefer going down into the Grand Canyon or walking on glass four thousand feet above it. The possibilities are endless.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city — what do you like most and least?

The Phoenix market is a great avenue for us in Kingman. As a friendly, centrally located getaway town between Phoenix and Las Vegas, Kingman offers a cooler climate, extensive History, scenic attractions, unique destinations and a gateway to many new experiences. least: Phoenix Traffic Congestion. Visit Kingman and take a tour with Desert Wonder Tours. We’ll even get YOU discounted rates on Hotel rooms.

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